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Monsanto thinks they've got you fooled

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Photo: Encyclopedia Britannica If you live in Pennsylvania, you should know that your state's Secretary of Agriculture thinks you're stupid.

Actually, he seems to think all consumers are stupid, but his reach only extends to those in his state. Unfortunately, Monsanto's money and influence extends a lot further.

If you buy dairy products, you may have noticed that some (or much, depending on where you live and shop) non-organic dairy is now labeled rBGH-free, or some variation thereof. The artificial growth hormone is used to increase the amount of milk a cow produces, but it's banned in Europe and Japan and many in this country question its safety.

Monsanto, producer of GM seeds and pesticides you probably want to avoid, also produces the growth hormone, and they've been lobbying hard to prevent rBGH-free labeling. There's no scientific proof, they say, of a difference in milk from cows treated with the hormone. They finally got a foothold in Pennsylvania, where as of January first, milk producers won't be able to tell consumers what isn't in their products.

What is the Ag Secretary's reasoning? There's no scientific proof (gee, where'd he get that line from?), and oh -- it's too confusing for consumers. Their poor little minds just don't understand the complexities of shooting cows up with hormones.

Monsanto thinks we're all dumb, too -- they think consumers won't notice that their megacorporation is lobbying to put the kibosh on a movement that's threatening their profits.


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