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Trying to honor Rachel Carson ain't easy

Friday, May 25, 2007

Earlier this week Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin announced his intention to offer a resolution to mark the 100th birthday of Rachel Carson . Sen. Tom Coburn from Oklahoma decided that the Senate was the wrong place to honor the woman who launched the national debate that would eventually ban certain dangerous pesticides. So Coburn announced this week that he would block the resolution, claiming Carson's attempts to educate the public on the potential risks of some pesticides somehow killed millions of people in Africa.

Coburn: "In my opinion she did more to kill more African children than anybody I know. I don't think we ought to be honoring her as the result of that effort."

Under that rationale, the author, scientist and environmentalist Rachel Carson joins a long list of warlords and violent homicidal dictators and their armies of thugs and killers that have ruled Africa through war and terror for decades slaughtering literally millions of innocent people.

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