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Got to get dirty before you get clean

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wind energy is great. The knocks against it traffic mostly in the cosmetic/aesthetic and avian safety realms. The potential for truly clean and renewable energy is limitless. In addition, it could bring economic vitality to the Midwest.

One point that is overlooked, however, is the infrastructure needed to harness the electricity generated by wind. In South Dakota, for example, the existing transmission lines are already being used. They’re at full capacity from hydro and traditional sources. It is the 8th windiest place in North America, with huge potential to generate renewable electricity, yet the sad fact remains that you could put up a thousands turbines, and would be unable to use any of the power generated.

The answer – build a coal plant. Ugh.

The only way to finance the development of infrastructure to make wind energy viable is to build a brand new plant using the polluting technology of yesteryear.

di·chot·o·my - n
A separation into two divisions that differ widely from, or contradict each other.

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