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Enter Angry Toxicologist

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Today we add Angry Toxicologist to our blogroll. Angry Toxicologist is "focused on public health and the science behind it . . . written for the non-scientist without dumbing anything down." Four days a week, Angry Toxicologist explores a diverse array of topics, from media coverage of science to how regulations work. Friday is reserved for a non-science post, such as Idiot of the Week or this entry, which wanders from gender identity to French politics to songs with the best beginnings.

Angry Toxicologist is another important voice in the same vein as Effect Measure and The Pump Handle. Like the authors of those two must-reads, AT is a scientist in the public health sector who blogs anonymously to protect his professional affiliations. Full Disclosure: I had already drafted this promotion of Angry Toxicologist before reading the post today which cites EWG's extensive work on the Teflon chemical, PFOA.

Key Issues: 

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