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It's makeup time!

Monday, April 23, 2007

A while ago, it would be unusual for men to go shopping for makeup, and even less likely for them to wear it. That trend is changing now, with an increased percentage of men who decide to “pretty up” by using make up. Brands such as Clinique, Clarins and Jean Paul Gaultier are making products specifically for men, and if trend predictions are correct, other stores will soon be crowded with men buying makeup.

According to an article in softedia, “Becoming more aware of personal hygiene does not mean less manhood. Legs and arms shaving, pubic hairstyles, make-up natural kits for men, weekly tanning sessions and monthly male beauty centre visits, do not stand for Queer anymore, but for a healthy lifestyle.”

However, an increase in the use of cosmetic products does mean exposure to more chemicals. Currently, men use an average of 6 products per day, while women use about 12. On average, both women and men are exposed to 126 different chemicals daily. To read more about EWG research on cosmetics, click here

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