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Campus transportation alternatives

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Providing parking facilities and addressing traffic congestion imposes significant costs to universities across the United States. That’s why many campuses have implemented Transportation Demand Management programs to discourage the use of single-occupant personal vehicles.

San Jose State University opened a Transportation Solutions Department in August of 2000. The department offers advice for cyclists and pedestrians, regional maps, online carpool matching, and discounted bus passes for students and staff. The number of students using alternative transportation has increased by more than 10 percent since the creation of the program.

Also in the Bay Area, UC Berkeley created a campus bikeway network, transit subsidies, shuttles, and other transportation services for students. As a result, 89% of UC Berkeley students and 49% of employees commute to campus using alternative transportation or carpools.

Transportation Demand Management offers a win-win solution; colleges divert fewer resources to building and maintaining parking facilities, and students benefit from lower transportation costs.

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