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In the news: October 24, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New study links race, income with landfill locations- North Carolina communities with significant minority populations are more than twice as likely to be located near landfills than overwhelmingly white areas.

Race tied to breast cancer severity- Black women with breast cancer are more likely to suffer from a more aggressive and harder-to-treat type of tumor than other women. In research that cautions against putting too much emphasis on socioeconomic factors, scientists reported that tumor biology is a component in the lower rates of breast cancer survival among black women. Although the study also found black women were more likely to have larger, late-stage tumors, researchers found, after adjusting for that, blacks had a lower survival rate.

Glacier melting in Switzerland- Rhone glacier, once the largest in Europe, may melt completely in this century. The glacier is rapidly shrinking by 12 to 15 feet a day. The Rhone still remains the source of the Rhone River, which flows westward into France and from there into the Mediterranean.

In brief: Number of organic farms on decline in Canada- Organic goods is declining at a time when demand is up.

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