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DuPont's 3Q Profits Match Potential Teflon Fine

Wednesday, October 27, 2004
According to news reports, Teflon maker DuPont reported earning $331 million in the third quarter this year. That amount will just cover the possible $313 million fine it faces for illegally hiding from the EPA studies finding that their Teflon chemical moves from mother's blood to baby and that it had polluted drinking water supplies used by thousands of Ohioans and West Virginians.

EWG reported these two flagrant violations of pollution law to EPA in April 2003. In September 2004, we asked the EPA to ensure that the Agency stay true to its intent to "send a message" by imposing the maximum fine against Teflon maker DuPont.

The EPA is likely to recommend a fine amount to an EPA judge on or before November 22, 2004.

For more information about Teflon pollution, please visit https://www.ewg.org/issues/PFCs/index.php.


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