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Farm Businesses Should Not Have Been Granted the Right to Pollute

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New York Times headline this month (Nov, 13) read: “The Problem is Clear: The Water is Filthy.” It should have read: “The Problem is Clear: Agriculture Granted the Right to Make the Water Filthy.”

The heartbreaking article is about residents in California’s Central Valley that are not able to drink tap water because it is contaminated with nitrogen and pesticides from farm businesses. Schools in that area buy bottled water and shut down their drinking fountains. Citizens and communities must spend millions to get water that is safe to drink.

But not once in the NYT story does anyone suggest that farm businesses should do something to clean up the water they polluted. EWG analyst Andrew Hug says Washington needs to change that in his latest Ag Mag post.

Table Scraps:

Scientific American examines how rising temperatures, persistent drought and climate change threaten to create a second Dust Bowl.

Splendid Table’s Lynne Rosetto Kasper interviews NYU professor Marion Nestle on the farm bill and what’s wrong with it.

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