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A Deal Most Businesses Would Relish

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Los Angeles Times describes the Senate Agriculture Committee’s proposal to subsidize deductibles on crop insurance under the farm bill as “a deal most businesses would relish.”

“Buy an insurance policy to cover losses or falling prices, and the government will foot most of the bill,” the Times writes. “The farm bill now before Congress includes a provision — estimated to cost about $3 billion a year — that would help cover the losses farmers suffer before their crop insurance policies kick in. Those losses, termed deductibles, can run in the tens of thousands of dollars for a typical mid-size farm.”

The story quotes Craig Cox, EWG’s senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources, as saying: “It's obvious why a farmer would like this, but it's not at all obvious why the taxpayer should pay for this.”

And John Crabtree, media director at the Center for Rural Affairs, which represents small and medium-size family farms, told the Times, “There's no rationale to say the largest and wealthiest landowners need taxpayer assistance at that level.”

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EWG is saddened by this morning’s news of the passing of Stewart Doan, senior editor at Agri-Pulse. He was a great journalist.

The farm bill headed to the Senate floor contains only $150 million a year to provide a nutritious fruit and vegetable snacks for children in 4,500 schools. We can do better. Vote for a healthier bill:

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