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Senate Ag hearing on farm subsidies

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The highlight of the Senate Agriculture committee’s hearing on farm subsidies and crop insurance was when Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) asked  Michael Scuse, the Acting Undersecretary For Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services at the U.S. Department of Agriculture whether he considered people who participate in only two farming-related conference calls per year to be actively-engaged farmers. EWG research has uncovered millions of federal agricultural subsidies going to well- off landlords and investors living in every major American city.


Table Scraps:

-          The always essential Farm and Dairy Columnist Alan Guebert asks, “Is there anyone in agriculture who believes the 10-year farm bill budget won’t be hit for $20 to $30 billion in cuts, won’t slash most of those billions from food aid and conservation programs and won’t continue to have taxpayers foot the bill for an increasingly expensive, increasingly expansive crop insurance program?”

-          The Texas Watchdog site uses EWG’s farm subsidy database to highlight positive transparency efforts in Texas. They also reported today on our Farm Subsidy Jackpot analysis.

-          Farm Futures reports that growth in corn yields is slowing.

-          Bread for the World is urging Congress to safeguard nutrition programs in the 2012 farm bill.

-          The Outdoor editor for the Washington State Spokesman-Review implores sportsmen to not sit back “without writing senators and joining groups to support the Farm Bill’s conservation measures.”

Tweet of the day:

@ChrisClaytonDTN Lugar says sugar program costs consumers. We all know Americans could use more abundant, cheaper sugar in their diets.

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