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Farm Subsidy Research and Analysis

Monday, January 9, 2012

Since 1995 U.S. taxpayers have sent $194 billion in subsidies to farmers including $5 billion per year in fixed direct payments paid regardless of need or crop price. Below is a list of recent EWG staff analysis on traditional, commodity crop based farm subsidy programs.

The Downfall of Direct Payments: This timeline is a comprehensive look at how direct payments have hurt taxpayers, farmers and the environment over the past 15 years.

Despite Claims of Reform, Subsidy Band Marches On: Non-farmers, Urbanites Still Receiving Farm Subsidies

City Slickers Continue To Rake In Farm Payments: See detailed maps of farm subsidy recipients in ten cities.

Southern Discomfort: Farm bills have been unbelievably generous to cotton, rice and peanut farmers.

Taxpayers Paid $6.1 Million in Farm Subsidies to Members of Congress, Families

Cut Spending – But Not My Farm Subsidies!

The Farm Subsidy Jackpot: Several Roby, Texas cotton farmers shared a $46 million dollar jackpot in 1996 and still receive hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece in federal subsidies for years after.


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