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2014 Campbell Award Nomination

EWG is seeking nominees for the annual Chris Campbell Award for Excellence in Information Technology and Digital Mobilization in the Nonprofit Community. Anyone can nominate an individual who:

  • exemplifies the spirit of using technology for social change embodied by Chris Campbell,
  • demonstrates leadership, creativity and innovation in the use of technology to mobilize individuals and/or change markets, and
  • has done so within a nonprofit organization.

Click here to submit your nomination.

The award was established to recognize Chris Campbell, a core member of EWG’s team who has been using the power of information to protect the environment and public health since EWG was founded 20 years ago. Originally using floppy disks and a nine-track drive to give the public easy access to USDA data, Chris created EWG’s Farm Subsidy Database to track taxpayer dollars through the farm subsidy system. Since November 2004, it has been searched more than 441 million times. Chris has consistently been a social change pioneer through his creative use of technology, including leadership in projects such as the Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce and the soon-to-be-released EWG food database. 

In 2013, the first Chris Campbell Award went to Michael Silberman, global director of the Digital Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace, an independent direct-action environmental organization. The lab works with allies in 42 countries to roll out creative new means of communicating, organizing and fundraising online.

The deadline for nominations is May 30, 2014. EWG will announce the judges of the 2014 award in April, and the winner will be announced in June.