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Environmental Working Group | 2010 Annual Report | www.EWG.org

EWG staff and board

Management & Staff

Management Team

Ken Cook

Heather White
Chief of Staff and General Counsel

Craig Cox
Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources

Jane Houlihan
Senior Vice President for Research

Chris Campbell
Vice President for Information Technology

Alex Formuzis
Vice President for Media Relations

Scott Mallan
Vice President, Finance & Chief Operating Officer

Nils Bruzelius
Executive Editor

Elaine Shannon

Jocelyn Lyle
Director of Development

Renée Sharp
Director, CA Office & Senior Scientist

Chuq Yang
Director of Technology

EWG Staff

Bill Allayaud
California Director of Governmental Affairs

Aman Anderson
Web Designer

David Andrews, PH.D.
Senior Scientist

Claudia Arango
Development Associate

Leeann Brown
Press Secretary

Don Peterson Carr
Senior Communications and Policy Advisor

Dean Clark
Web Developer

Thomas Cluderay
Assistant General Counsel

David DeGennaro
Legislative and Policy Analyst

Libby Foley
Administrative Assistant

Lisa Frack
Social Media Manager

Sean Gray, M.S.
Senior Analyst

Kari Hamerschlag
Senior Analyst

Dusty Horwitt, J.D.
Senior Counsel

Andrew Hug

Colleen Hutchings
Deputy Director of Online Fundraising

Emily Ion
Marketing Specialist

Sheila Karpf
Legislative and Policy Analyst

Nneka Leiba, M.Phil., MPH
Research Analyst

Brett Lorenzen
Mississippi River Project Coordinator

Sonya Lunder
Senior Analyst

Bobbie Manning
Environmental Health Outreach Coordinator

Morgan Maurer
Administrative Assistant

Olga Naidenko, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

J. Paul Pestano
Research Analyst

Jason Rano
Senior Legislative Analyst

Alex Rindler
Government Affairs Assistant

Sara Sciammacco
Press Secretary

Rebecca Sutton, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

Dawn Undurraga

Taylan "Ty" Yalniz
Web Designer


Board of Directors

Drummond Pike (Chair)

David Baker

Rev. Sally Bingham

Jeff Blattner

Jennifer Caldwell

Ken Cook

Steven Damato

Dr. Harvey Karp

Carol McDonnell

Nina Montee Karp

Bill Ross

Laura Turner Seydel

Francesca Vietor

Meredith Wingate

Alicia Wittink


EWG Action Fund Board Members

Cari Rudd (Chair)

Jeff Blattner

Carlton Carl

Robyn O'Brien

Sally Paxton

Ricki Seidman


"I'm starting to wonder if anyone at the Environmental Working Group (EWG) ever sleeps."

– Chris Hunt, Ecocentric, a sustainable food, water and energy blog of the GRACE Communications Foundation


EWG Accomplishments

EWG Update

One Million Strong


Power of Information

Just four years ago, our email list comprised 7,000 people. We ended 2010 with an audience of 1 million.

Chromium-6 in Tap Water


Power of Information

Cancer-causing chemical found in 89 percent of cities sampled throughout the United States.

EWG's Shopper's Guide


Pesticides in Produce

The health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables outweigh the risks of pesticide exposure.

Bay out of Balance


Phosphorus Pollution

Year after year, vast amounts of pollutants pour into Chesapeake Bay, fouling the largest estuary in the U.S.

Drilling Around the Law


Fracking and Water Contamination

Companies that drill for natural gas and oil are skirting federal law and injecting toxics into thousands of wells.

Sunscreen Safety Guide


Sunscreen and Skin Cancer

The sun's ultraviolet rays cause skin cancer. Protect yourself and your family with our sun safety tips.

EWG on YouTube


Connect with us on YouTube

Environmental investigations have been our specialty since 1993. Stay up to date with our YouTube videos!

EWG on Twitter


Connect with us on Twitter

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Connect with us on Facebook

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