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Bromide is a naturally occurring element found in surface waters and groundwater and contributes to the formation of toxic tap water disinfection byproducts.
This Drinking Water System
Test Days Exceeding Health GuidelinesDefinition of what this is
0 days
Test Days Exceeding Legal LimitsNumber of days in which the samples taken in that day exceed the Maximum Contaminant Level (Depending on the contaminant and its MCL, that may or may not trigger an MCL violation. Some MCLs are based on averages spanning several months to a year)
0 days
Test DaysNumber of days in which this chemical has reported results in the data we received from the State
55 days
Tests ConductedNumber of individual tests done for this contaminant
92 tests

Testing Summary

Health Limit
Legal Limit

Testing History

-Tested      -Detected      -Over Health Guidelines      -Over Legal Limit*
BromideBromide is a naturally occurring element found in surface waters and groundwater and contributes to the formation of toxic tap water disinfection byproducts.25.56 ppb
41.5 ppb
NoLegal at any levelThis is the Federal Limit. State Limits may be lower.
NOTE: Each dot in the above graph represents one month.
* Water utilities are noted as exceeding the legal limit if any test is above the maximum contaminant level (MCL). Most MCLs are based on annual averages so exceeding the MCL for one test does not necessarily indicate that the system is out of compliance.

Health Based and Legal Limits for Bromide

Health Based Limits for Bromide

There are no health based standards that EWG is using for this chemical

Testing Results

Testing DateAverage
Samples taken that dayNumber of Non-DetectsRange of Results
2007-12-0314.5 ppb210 to 29 ppb
2007-11-1925.5 ppb2022 to 29 ppb
2007-10-0824.5 ppb2018 to 31 ppb
2007-09-1041.5 ppb2039 to 44 ppb
2007-08-1319 ppb2017 to 21 ppb
2007-07-1624.5 ppb2014 to 35 ppb
2007-06-2716 ppb1016 ppb
2007-06-2631 ppb1031 ppb
2007-05-0721 ppb2013 to 29 ppb
2007-04-0929.5 ppb2029 to 30 ppb
2007-03-1230.5 ppb2030 to 31 ppb
2007-02-1233 ppb2032 to 34 ppb
2007-01-1629.5 ppb2028 to 31 ppb
2006-12-0428.5 ppb2022 to 35 ppb
2006-11-2014.5 ppb210 to 29 ppb
2006-10-0924.5 ppb2017 to 32 ppb
2006-09-1122 ppb3012 to 27 ppb
2006-08-1420.5 ppb2016 to 25 ppb
2006-07-1721.5 ppb2014 to 29 ppb
2006-06-2128 ppb1028 ppb
2006-06-1927 ppb1027 ppb
2006-05-0823 ppb2015 to 31 ppb
2006-04-1028.5 ppb2028 to 29 ppb
2006-03-1330 ppb2028 to 32 ppb
2006-02-1330 ppb2022 to 38 ppb
2006-01-1726.5 ppb2025 to 28 ppb
2005-12-0528.5 ppb2027 to 30 ppb
2005-11-0721 ppb2015 to 27 ppb
2005-10-1721 ppb2015 to 27 ppb
2005-09-1922 ppb2015 to 29 ppb
2005-08-0818 ppb1018 ppb
2005-07-1229 ppb1029 ppb
2005-07-1114 ppb1014 ppb
2005-06-2137 ppb1037 ppb
2005-06-2011 ppb1011 ppb
2005-05-1030 ppb1030 ppb
2005-05-0926 ppb1026 ppb
2005-04-1123 ppb2017 to 29 ppb
2005-03-1516 ppb1016 ppb
2005-03-1434 ppb1034 ppb
2005-02-1429 ppb1029 ppb
2005-01-1924 ppb2017 to 31 ppb
2004-12-0628 ppb2025 to 31 ppb
2004-11-0830 ppb2026 to 34 ppb
2004-10-1330 ppb1030 ppb
2004-10-1130 ppb1030 ppb
2004-09-1325 ppb2020 to 30 ppb
2004-08-1627.5 ppb2027 to 28 ppb
2004-07-1933 ppb2030 to 36 ppb
2004-06-210 ppb110 ppb
2004-05-1032 ppb1032 ppb
2004-04-1229 ppb1029 ppb
2004-03-1526.5 ppb2022 to 31 ppb
2004-02-1641 ppb2039 to 43 ppb
2004-01-2026 ppb2023 to 29 ppb