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Chlorate is a disinfection byproduct (unregulated chlorine dioxide byproduct), an herbicide and a pollutant from explosives.
This Drinking Water System
Test Days Exceeding Health GuidelinesDefinition of what this is
0 days
Test Days Exceeding Legal LimitsNumber of days in which the samples taken in that day exceed the Maximum Contaminant Level (Depending on the contaminant and its MCL, that may or may not trigger an MCL violation. Some MCLs are based on averages spanning several months to a year)
0 days
Test DaysNumber of days in which this chemical has reported results in the data we received from the State
21 days
Tests ConductedNumber of individual tests done for this contaminant
63 tests

Testing Summary

Health Limit
Legal Limit

Testing History

-Tested      -Detected      -Over Health Guidelines      -Over Legal Limit*
ChlorateChlorate is a disinfection byproduct (unregulated chlorine dioxide byproduct), an herbicide and a pollutant from explosives.402.76 ppb
754.33 ppb
NoLegal at any levelThis is the Federal Limit. State Limits may be lower.
NOTE: Each dot in the above graph represents one month.
* Water utilities are noted as exceeding the legal limit if any test is above the maximum contaminant level (MCL). Most MCLs are based on annual averages so exceeding the MCL for one test does not necessarily indicate that the system is out of compliance.

Health Based and Legal Limits for Chlorate

Health Based Limits for Chlorate

There are no health based standards that EWG is using for this chemical

Testing Results

Testing DateAverage
Samples taken that dayNumber of Non-DetectsRange of Results
2009-04-27195 ppb30159 to 239 ppb
2009-01-13183.67 ppb30168 to 194 ppb
2008-10-15569.67 ppb30280 to 729 ppb
2008-07-07754.33 ppb30726 to 799 ppb
2008-04-07303.67 ppb30279 to 330 ppb
2008-01-15334 ppb30314 to 360 ppb
2006-10-25563.33 ppb30378 to 656 ppb
2006-07-11467.33 ppb30434 to 493 ppb
2006-04-10186.67 ppb30183 to 189 ppb
2006-01-11172.67 ppb30160 to 181 ppb
2005-11-09402 ppb30289 to 521 ppb
2005-08-09592.33 ppb30523 to 727 ppb
2005-04-04134.33 ppb30123 to 141 ppb
2005-02-02200 ppb30177 to 230 ppb
2005-01-26209.67 ppb30178 to 242 ppb
2004-12-21240 ppb30231 to 257 ppb
2004-11-01553.33 ppb30529 to 577 ppb
2004-10-13613.33 ppb30489 to 827 ppb
2004-09-13439.33 ppb30335 to 548 ppb
2004-08-31742.33 ppb30705 to 772 ppb
2004-07-27601 ppb30547 to 635 ppb