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Phenanthrene in Arkansas

Phenanthrene is a pollutant from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, and is also used in the manufacture of dyes, explosives and pharmaceuticals.

The Most Polluted Communities in Arkansas

8 water utilities reported detecting Phenanthrene in tap water since 2004, according to EWG's analysis of water quality data supplied by state water agencies

Ranked by highest average Phenanthrene level

RankSystem Population Served Positive test results of total reported tests Average Level
1Hampton Waterworks
Hampton, AR
1,7704 of 51.85 ppb
(0 to 4.78 ppb)
2Arsenal Water System
Pine Bluff, AR
2,5771 of 20.55 ppb
(0 to 1.09 ppb)
3Rector Waterworks
Rector, AR
2,1946 of 150.28 ppb
(0 to 1.5 ppb)
4Harrisburg Waterworks
Harrisburg, AR
2,1922 of 40.19 ppb
(0 to 0.47 ppb)
5Bellefonte Water
Harrison, AR
4451 of 20.08 ppb
(0 to 0.15 ppb)
6United Water Arkansas
Pine Bluff, AR
40,0521 of 70.07 ppb
(0 to 0.49 ppb)
7Wilmot Waterworks
Wilmot, AR
8982 of 70.04 ppb
(0 to 0.16 ppb)
8MC Gehee Waterworks
Mcgehee, AR
4,8391 of 60.01 ppb
(0 to 0.07 ppb)

Health Based Limits for Phenanthrene

There are no health based standards that EWG is using for this chemical

Violation Summary for Phenanthrene in Arkansas

There are no violations reported for this contaminant in Arkansas