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MTBE in New Jersey

MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) is a fuel additive that had been used as an octane enhancer in unleaded gasoline; it contaminates groundwater due to spillage or leakage at gas stations, and has been banned or scheduled for phaseout in most states.

The Most Polluted Communities in New Jersey

129 water utilities reported detecting MTBE in tap water since 2004, according to EWG's analysis of water quality data supplied by state water agencies

Ranked by highest average MTBE level

RankSystem Population Served Positive test results of total reported tests Average Level
1Fairton Oaks M H Community
Bridgeton, NJ
2073 of 311.37 ppb
(10.4 to 12.7 ppb)
2NJ American Water Company - Atlantic Div
Pleasantville, NJ
87,15425 of 3210.87 ppb
(0 to 47 ppb)
3East Hanover Twp Water D
East Hanover Twp, NJ
11,3937 of 74.75 ppb
(1.05 to 6.83 ppb)
4U W V H Omega Dr
Mt Arlington, NJ
824 of 43.59 ppb
(1.4 to 6 ppb)
5United Water Matchaponix
Manalapan, NJ
25,0001 of 32.91 ppb
(0 to 8.72 ppb)
6Lakewood Twp Mua
Lakewood, NJ
17,2016 of 112.77 ppb
(0 to 12.5 ppb)
7Regency AT Sussex Associates
Wantage, NJ
3003 of 82.65 ppb
(0 to 18.51 ppb)
8Delilah Terrace Mhp
Egg Harbor Twp, NJ
2101 of 12.5 ppb
(2.5 ppb)
9United Water NJ Franklin Lakes
Franklin Lakes, NJ
4,4226 of 92.3 ppb
(0 to 6.75 ppb)
10Harding Woods Mhp
Pittsgrove Twp, NJ
96010 of 102.17 ppb
(0.65 to 5.53 ppb)

Health Based Limits for MTBE

California Public Health GoalsDefined by the State of California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) as the level of contaminant that is allowed in drinking water. For acutely toxic substances, levels are set at which scientific evidence indicates that no known or anticipated adverse effects on health will occur, plus an adequate margin-of safety. PHGs for carcinogens or other substances which can cause chronic disease shall be based solely on health effects without regard to cost impacts and shall be set at levels which OEHHA has determined do not pose any significant risk to health.13 ppb

Violation Summary for MTBE in New Jersey

Data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency includes the following violations of federal standards in New Jersey since 2004

Violation TypeNumber of Violations
Failure to monitor regularly2