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Status: Unregulated - EPA has not established a maximum legal limit in tapwater for this contaminant.

Strontium-90 is a radioactive pollutant from nuclear fallout and possibly weapons and power production.

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Strontium-90 Exposure by State

Water utilities in 8 states have reported detecting Strontium-90 in treated tap water since 2004, according to EWG's analysis of water quality data supplied by state water agencies.

StateWater Suppliers with Strontium-90 contamination
North Carolina12,143

The Most Polluted Communities

51 water utilities reported detecting Strontium-90 in tap water since 2004, according to EWG's analysis of water quality data supplied by state water agencies

Ranked by highest average Strontium-90 level

RankSystem Population Served Positive test results of total reported tests Average Level
1San Gabriel Valley WC - Fontana
Fontana, CA
102,5991 of 11.22 pCi/L
(1.22 pCi/L)
2City of Daly City
Daly City, CA
92,3111 of 10.83 pCi/L
(0.83 pCi/L)
3South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority
New Haven, CT
389,3001 of 40.75 pCi/L
(0 to 3 pCi/L)
4Penn State Univ.
University Park, PA
37,0001 of 40.64 pCi/L
(0 to 2.55 pCi/L)
5Calleguas Municipal Water Dist
Thousand Oaks, CA
021 of 230.55 pCi/L
(0 to 1.2 pCi/L)
6Brandywine Bay
Morehead City, NC
2,1435 of 50.51 pCi/L
(0.2 to 1.73 pCi/L)
7Kyle Canyon Water District
Las Vegas, NV
1,0405 of 60.47 pCi/L
(0 to 0.78 pCi/L)
8West Valley County Water District
Lancaster, CA
3001 of 10.47 pCi/L
(0.47 pCi/L)
9Lake Elizabeth Mutual Water Co.
Lake Elizabeth, CA
2,0312 of 20.47 pCi/L
(0.32 to 0.62 pCi/L)
10City of Benicia
Benicia, CA
28,0004 of 40.45 pCi/L
(0.45 pCi/L)

Testing Summary for Strontium-90

Are tests routinely required for Strontium-90 by federal law?No
Water suppliers reporting tests for Strontium-90 (2004-2009):177 of 47,576
Average testing rate for water supplier reporting tests (2004-2009):0.7 per year