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Emily Cassidy

Research Analyst

Emily Cassidy is EWG’s Biofuels Research Analyst. Working with Government Affairs, Emily investigates the environmental consequences of various transportation fuels. Prior to joining EWG, Emily was a Coastal Resources Scientist with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. From Minnesota originally, she earned master’s and bachelor in Natural Resources Science degrees from the University of Minnesota. For the past five years she has been researching the environmental impact of agriculture. Emily’s research projects have focused on modeling global food availability and how dietary demands affect the productivity of the world’s croplands. She co-authored a highly cited paper, “Solutions for a Cultivated Planet,” that investigated how to sustainably feed 9 billion people. For her master’s thesis she developed a novel metric, quantifying the number of people fed per acre of cropland. Her research has been featured on NBC News, Scientific American and Minnesota Public Radio, among others. In her free time, Emily enjoys biking, camping and trying new foods.