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Consumer Pressure Leads Avon To Phase Out Antibacterial Chemical

Johnson & Johnson takes a big step in the right direction

FDA warns leading cosmetics maker on anti-aging claims

Keratin is still “Flat-Out Risky”

What’s new in Skin Deep®?

April 13, 2011 The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database just got a makeover. The world’s largest resource on personal care product safety logs an average of 100,000 searches daily – totaling nearly 250 million searches since EWG unveiled the site seven years ago. New on the site: A new look, with easier search and…

Eight Myths about Cosmetics Safety

Make sure you don’t fall prey to these eight common myths about the safety of cosmetics: Myth: If products are for sale at a supermarket, drugstore or department store cosmetics counter, they must be safe. Read more »

The Story Behind Cosmetics

Most people use these products without a second thought, and believe that the government must certainly be policing the safety of the mixtures in these myriad containers. But they’re wrong. Read more »

3,163 Ingredients Hide Behind the Word “Fragrance”

“Fragrance” is a term that the cosmetics, cleaning and candle industries use on ingredient lists that disclose only that there are unnamed chemicals in the product. Which is not so helpful for avid label-readers (like me) who want and deserve full information when choosing products. Unless you use it as a red flag for what…

Test Your Knowledge: How Safe are Your Cosmetics?

We’ve put together this easy True-False Quiz because, well, so few people know how scary, how wildly unregulated it really is in the cosmetics aisles. Test your knowledge! If you get them all wrong, you’re not alone. But you do need help. Ready? Read more »

Making Makeup Safe for Kids

So let’s say, hypothetically, that your four-year old has begun begging for a play makeup set. Some parents would react with a firm but gentle, “No stinkin’ way, sweetcheeks.” I can understand that sentiment – children grow up fast enough without the aid of adult trappings. In the end, whether or not to let a…

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