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Teen Girls' Body Burden of Hormone-Altering Cosmetics Chemicals

Adolescent exposures to cosmetic chemicals of concern


September 24, 2008

Teen Girls' Body Burden of Hormone-Altering Cosmetics Chemicals: Acknowledgments

This report was made possible by the support of The Women’s Foundation of California, Lucy R. Waletzky, M.D., and other funders.

Special thanks to each of the 20 young women who volunteered to participate in this study. The donation of your time and samples will help to further our understanding about our exposures to chemicals of concern in cosmetics and body care products. The information from this study will add to the growing body of science that shows that teens have unique exposures and vulnerabilities to toxic chemicals, and will help to drive national chemicals policy reform that protects our most vulnerable populations.

We are especially grateful to Dr. Alan Greene for thorough review of study materials and protocol, as well as for offering his time to discuss health concerns with study participants. We are also grateful to Axys Analytical Services and TNO Laboratories for sample analysis and consultations.

Thanks to EWG interns Stefanie Graeter, Marisa Evanouski, and Dan Myers, and volunteers Margaret Sidells and Joshua Mehlman, who assisted this investigation. Tracey Woodruff (University of California at San Francisco) also provided valuable comments on this report.

Finally, EWG thanks the advocacy groups who helped us recruit study participants, including Teens for Safe Cosmetics, a part of Search for the Cause, and Massachusetts Clean Water Action.