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Sacramento Metro Air District

July 29, 2004

Still Above The Law: Sacramento Metro Air District

The Sacramento Air District is by far the smallest air district we surveyed. With just 14 major sources in the district, there were far fewer enforcement actions. The air district occasionally settles multiple violations with a single penalty. Despite the district's small size, they typically take as long as larger districts to settle violations. The average, median and total penalty collected each year has held relatively constant.

Top industrial air polluters in the Sacramento air district by penalties paid or violations

Facility Total civil penalties paid Number of violations resolved
UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento $31,500 9
Chevron, Sacramento $21,840 11
Procter & Gamble, Sacramento $7,040 5
Santa Fe Pacific Pipelines, LP, Sacramento $6,960 3
County of Sacramento, Public Works $5,220 3
Aerojet, Rancho Cordova $3,000 3
Carson Energy/Sacramento Municipal Utilities District, Sacramento $3,000 1
Campbell Soup Supply Company, Sacramento $2,400 1
Silgan Can Company, Sacramento $2,340 6
City of Sacramento, Solid Waste Public Works $1,200 1

Annual median fines in the Sacramento air district

Year Total number of civil violations settled Median penalty assessed Total penalties collected Average days to settle violations
2000 6 $2,640 $23,280 292
2001 2 $3,150 $6,300 273
2002 10 $2,700 $22,220 280
2003 7 $2,400 $32,160 250
1st quarter 2004 1 $540 $540 229