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Smoggy Schools

Questions to ask school officials

April 20, 2005

Smoggy Schools: Questions to ask school officials

Does your school have a nurse? Does the nurse know which students have asthma?

Does the school allow students to carry inhalers with them in case they have an asthma attack?

Does the school have the American Lung Association's Open Airways program designed to teach third-graders how to manage their asthma better?

Does every asthmatic student in your school have an asthma action plan that spells out the types of things and activities that might trigger an attack? Has that plan been distributed to teachers and coaches?

Do your school's teachers and administrators know how to spot the warning signs of an asthma attack? Do they have an emergency plan?

Do coaches reschedule or cancel sports practices and games when pollution levels peak?

Read more about the American Lung Association® Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative (AFSI)