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Greener School Cleaning Supplies

Research Links Air Quality to Cleaning Supplies


November 3, 2009

Greener School Cleaning Supplies: Acknowledgements

Principal Author: Rebecca Sutton, PhD

Editors: Jane Houlihan & Nils Bruzelius

Databases: Sean Gray

Web design: Tolga Yalniz & Dean Clark

This report was made possible by the support of The California Endowment, The San Francisco Foundation, and As You Sow.

EWG thanks Alicia Culver (Green Purchasing Institute), Jenifer Flattery (California Department of Public Health), Al Hodgson (Berkeley Analytical Associates), Brandon Kitagawa (Regional Asthma Management & Prevention), Deborah Moore (Green Schools Initiative), Antoinette Stein (California Department of General Services), Raja Tannous (Berkeley Analytical Associates), Justine Weinberg (California Department of Public Health) for valuable discussions regarding this report. Interns Hilary Leif, Yelena Filipchuk, Constance Sutton, Kathy Nguyen, Lauren Heumann, and Marisa Evanouski made significant contributions to this research. We also thank helpful staff at school districts throughout California for providing vital information concerning cleaning products used in schools.