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Lippy Brothers, Inc., Maryland

Farmers Behind Your Food: Lippy Brothers, Inc., Maryland

Ed, Joe, Wilson and Donald Lippy launched Lippy Brothers, Inc. in 1965 as a grain and vegetable operation in Hampstead, Md.  They were determined to operate in the black and maintain the quality of soil, water and wildlife habitat on their farm in the Chesapeake Bay area.

In 2001, they enrolled in the USDA Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, took some of their less suitable land out of operation and used it as natural buffers to protect streams from chemical runoff from pesticide application.  This move improved water quality, reduced soil erosion and expanded wildlife habitat.

Through the USDA Water Quality Cost Share Program, the Lippy brothers installed grassed waterways on many of their fields.  This reduced soil erosion and managed water runoff during storms or winter accumulation. To maintain soil and water health and reduce soil erosion, they have enrolled more than 2000 acres a year in an annual cover crop program that offers financial and technical aid for planting grains during the off-season.