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Cox Ranch, Nebraska

Farmers Behind Your Food: Cox Ranch, Nebraska

The Sandhill region of Nebraska is a unique terrain consisting of a mixed-grass prairie on grass-stabilized sand dunes. With help from his daughter and two invaluable employees, A.B. Cox, a third generation rancher, manages cow, calf and yearling operations on approximately 23,000 acres split between two ranches.

Among many other conservation practices, A.B. utilizes rotational grazing. This has added value and diversity to his meadows and pastures, extended the grazing season and decreased the need for harvested feed.

“We take the holistic approach to conservation, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” A.B. said. “The land, cattle and people are one. Each part of the community is important and dependent on the other; they are all of value.”

A.B. places a great emphasis on education and outreach. Through his involvement with the Nebraska Chapter for Holistic Resource Management, the Sandhills Task Force and the Grazing Lands Coalition, he has been able to host workshops, tours, clinics and schools to promote conservation-minded rangeland management.


A.B. Cox was recognized by the Sand County Foundation as the 2008 Leopold Conservation Award winner in Nebraska.

**This story was originally published by the Sand County Foundation.