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March 5, 2007

Bisphenol A - Toxic Plastics Chemical in Canned Food: View all charts

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BPA's toxic effects in lab animals are on the rise and common in people

EWG's tests show that canned foods are a significant fraction of people's total BPA exposure

People's BPA exposures overlap with doses shown to harm laboratory animals

BPA is at unsafe levels in one of every 10 servings of canned foods (11%) and one of every 3 cans of infant formula (33%)

CDC data show that people are routinely exposed to unsafe levels of BPA

Many women who eat canned food are exposed to unsafe levels of BPA

30 ug/kg/d

10 ug/kg/d

2.4 ug/kg/d

2.0 ug/kg/d

0.025 ug/kg/d