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Top 20 Congressional Districts

June 27, 2001

Another Emergency Bail Out for Agriculture: Top 20 Congressional Districts

Congress is providing an additional $4.6 billion in emergency "Freedom to Farm" payments in 2001, but 20 just congressional districts would reap 52 percent of those funds.


Representative Agriculture Committee Bill
Rep. Moran (KS-1) $252,781,792
Rep. Osborne (NE-3) $228,971,946
Rep. Pomeroy (ND-AL) $201,646,443
Rep. Berry (AR-1) $170,378,711
Rep. Latham (IA-5) $164,045,210
Rep. Thune (SD-AL) $131,454,510
Rep. Kennedy (MN-2) $112,217,258
Rep. Nussle (IA-2) $105,231,799
Rep. Thornberry (TX-13) $101,067,021
Rep. Rehberg (MT-AL) $100,322,884
Rep. Thompson (MS-2) $98,301,954
Rep. Bereuter (NE-1) $92,037,128
Rep. Combest (TX-19) $90,169,058
Rep. Ose (CA-3) $83,554,131
Rep. Peterson (MN-7) $81,679,931
Rep. Lucas (OK-6) $81,478,493
Rep. Johnson (IL-15) $77,681,420
Rep. Evans (IL-17) $74,938,123
Rep. Boswell (IA-3) $73,871,397
Rep. Gutknecht (MN-1) $71,620,358
Top 20 Districts $2,393,449,567
Percent of Agriculture Committee Supplemental 52%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.