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Debunking GE Industry’s Dubious Claims

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Many in the GE seed industry contend that their products can feed the world, but many of their claims are unfounded and false.

Food advocate Anna Lappé:

“(Monsanto CEO, Robert) Fraley says Monsanto’s crops are key to feeding the world, but these engineered traits have largely been introduced in just three commodities, most of which wind up in the bellies of livestock or the tanks of cars. In 2013, 64 percent of Monsanto’s seed sales came from corn, 16 percent from soy and 7 percent from cotton. Only 13 percent of sales came from other vegetables and seeds — the kind of food we eat." 

Read Lappé’s full article here.

Table Scraps

Vice News reports that the USDA will not take environmental impacts in to account in their new dietary guidelines. 

Kansas City Public Media voices many scientists’ concerns that newly approved, potent weed-killer, Enlist Duo will cause even more resistant weeds.

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Chinese and Peruvian mash-up?!? Only chef José Andrés could pull it off. Here’s what to look out for at his new Penn Quarter location.