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What Are Others Saying About the Farm Bill?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The farm bill passed by Congress takes food and farm policy in the wrong direction.  The bill creates new, expanded and largely unlimited crop insurance subsidies that will flow predominantly to the largest and most successful farms- at the expense of family farms, the environment and America’s hungriest citizens.

Check out what others are saying about the bill below:

R Street:

While Congress and the White House reached consensus that the time has come to finally end the awful “direct payments” program, Congress squandered most of those savings through the creation of a variety of new “shallow loss” insurance programs that look to lock in record-high commodity prices.

New York Times columnist Mark Bittman:

In fact, the bill achieves its small savings at the expense of poor people and the environment, while – and I’d bet on this – it will in the long run achieve no savings in payments to farmers who hardly need them, who can receive payments as long as their income is under $900,000. That’s adjusted gross income, by the way.

Washington Post editorial:

This is a bill of, by and for the agriculture lobby, which, through sheer power and self-interested persistence, ground down reform advocates over three years.

New York City Coalition Against Hunger:

It’s an orgy of corporate welfare and subsidies for the wealthy paid for by cuts to programs that help the needy put food on the table. It is Robin Hood in reverse. – Executive Director Joel Berg

Click here to read the full story and see what others are saying about the troubled bill.

Table Scraps:

The New York Times reports on the winners and loser in the farm bill.

Tweet of the Day: @RepMcGovern The Farm Bill has passed, making hunger worse. Still, there are many working to #EndHungerNow: …

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