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Subsidy Millionaires Across the Country

Friday, November 1, 2013

EWG’s Mary Ellen Kustin writes on the unbalanced distribution of federally subsidized crop insurance dollars, highlighting the 26 subsidy recipients who each received over $1 million in crop insurance premium support.

Kustin writes:

These insurance subsidies for wealthy farmers add up. In 2011, taxpayers covered $32.8 million in insurance premiums for the subsidy millionaires – more than it takes to support 16,400 SNAP recipients. That’s a big hunk of change going to the farmers who need it the least…

What it all means is that for some of the largest agribusinesses, the so-called safety net has turned into more of a gold-plated escalator to higher and higher profits. And taxpayers are increasingly on the hook for billions of dollars – with the lion’s share going to the wealthiest producers.


EWG’s Kari Hamerschlag also authored a report released earlier this week analyzing the ineffective use of conservation dollars in California and the impact it is having on water quality across the state.

Table Scraps:

Grist gives an update on the farm bill and some of the obstacles each party will have in passing a final bill.

The New York Times reports on the impact the cuts to the SNAP- that take effect today- will have on those who benefit from the program and the economy.

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