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Spending Millions to Keep Consumers in the Dark

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

EWG called out the big food lobbying group, Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), for dropping an additional $5 million into a campaign to defeat a popular Washington state referendum initiative to label genetically engineered food.

“The GMA claims to be the voice for more than 300 food and beverage companies that depend on consumer trust and loyalty to stay in business,” said Ken Cook, EWG’s president. "Yet GMA is spending millions on behalf of those companies to deny consumers the right to know more information about the food they eat and feed to their families. Clearly some big food companies want to keep their customers in the dark about what’s in our food. Now they also want to hide millions in campaign contributions to defeat the GMO labeling measure on the ballot in Washington state this November.”

GMA is under fire for allegedly “laundering” donations from big food companies that oppose Initiative 522 (I-522), which would require food with GE ingredients to be labeled. The non-profit group Moms for Labeling filed a lawsuit against the No on 522 campaign for its “statewide advertising campaign that illegally conceals the identity of the campaign’s donors.” The lawsuit charges that donations to the campaign are being “laundered through the Grocery Manufacturers Association.”

Read the full story here.

Table Scraps:

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@SenateAg Senate once again appoints conferees on #FarmBill - statement: 

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