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“Fiscal Conservative” Flip-Floppers

Thursday, July 18, 2013

EWG’s Jason Rano examines the “fiscal conservative” members of the House who flip-flopped their votes on final passage of the farm bill- voting against it in June, and in favor the costly “farm only” portion of the bill last week.

So who are the 48 Republicans (see full list) who voted for this lavish taxpayer funded giveaway?

Thirty-eight are members of the conservative Republican Study Committee – including the current chair and immediate past chair. The RSC, as it’s known, is dedicated to less government, personal responsibility and individual freedom. It’s tough to see how a crop insurance program that has taxpayers paying for such generous subsidies without annual limits and without restrictions for the biggest agribusinesses, meets any of the tenets of what is considered the home of the most conservative members on Capitol Hill…

So why the flip-flop? It’s pretty clear that these members only care about cutting farm bill spending when it comes to nutrition assistance for those who most need help. Twenty of the flip-floppers voted against an amendment by Rep. Ron Kind that would have reformed crop insurance by instituting reasonable payment limits and means testing for farmers while cutting the subsidy to the insurance industry. That bipartisan amendment would have saved $9 billion over 10 years and came agonizingly close to passing. 

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The Daily Iowan reports on the poor water quality in Iowa rivers as a result of heavy rains and poor conservation practices.

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@antistuff House Republicans overwhelmingly pass bill increasing government-backed insurance subsidies by nearly $10 billion. …

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