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Repackaging Subsidies

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post, using information from EWG’s farm subsidy database, brought more attention to the broken farm subsidy policies and the bait and switch proposed by the House Agriculture Committee.

The Post writes:

To make subsidies more acceptable, Congress is repackaging them. “Direct payments” to farmers are ending, because they seem (and are) a straightforward giveaway. Instead, “crop insurance” — which seems prudent protection against droughts and other misfortunes — is being expanded. In reality, crop insurance resembles “a farm income support program” more than standard insurance.

Read the full article here.

Table Scraps:

The Chicago Tribune on why the Senate farm bill continues to cater to special interests.

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@sustainableag Our own NSAC staff quoted on the importance of #farmbill for #beginning farmers 

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