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Mining Claim Owners in Missoula County

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The hardrock mining industry owns gold, silver, and other precious metals and minerals beneath an estimated 2,363 acres of U.S. public land in Missoula County, acquired for as little as $0.84 per acre and held in perpetuity for a yearly rental fee as low as $0.62 an acre. Under a 132-year-old law originally intended to spur development of the West, an industry dominated by a handful of multinational corporations pays no federal royalties, and leaves behind a landscape of dramatically diminished value, scarred with tunnels, pits, and toxic waste piles.

Mining Claim Owners 41-47 of 47: (ranked by acres claimed)

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  Company/IndividualHeadquartersNumber of ClaimsAcreage ClaimedDate(s) Filed
41 Norman Grovdale Missoula, MT 1 21 2003
42 Mona L Meyer Hot Springs, MT 1 21 1997
43 Terran Asbridge Milltown, MT 1 20 1997
44 Dennis G Oloughlin Bonner, MT 1 20 1994
45 Sheena T Leigland Milltown, MT 1 20 1997
46 John Murphy Huson, MT 1 20 2001
47 Montana Mining Assoc Missoula, MT 1 20 2000
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Some of the claimants in this table may be in partnership with other individuals or companies with a claim to the same land.