Smart discussion about toxics policy reform

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The E-vitation

I hope you can join me for a couple of hours to learn about a topic that interests a lot of people these days: toxic chemicals and your family’s environmental health. You’ve probably heard about polluted breast milk, furniture contaminated with toxic flame retardants and the harmful effects of Teflon. And you’ve probably wondered which chemicals you should avoid and how exactly to minimize your family’s exposures. Whether it’s BPA, PBDEs (toxic flame retardants), PFOA (Teflon) or any of the 80,000 other chemicals on the market today, many people want to understand why these chemicals are a problem, who allowed them in our consumer products and what we should be doing about it.

We’ll learn why so many toxic chemicals are on the market, get some simple tips to improve our families’ environmental health and hear about an effective national solution: the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act. If passed, Kid-Safe would overhaul our existing ineffective federal chemical policy and ensure that chemicals are safe for kids before they are put on the market and into the products we use everyday. And it’s people just like us who can speak up and ensure it becomes law. I’m partnering with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) [] to host the party. I sure hope you can join me for an interesting and inspiring evening.

Follow up with thanks & info

I really enjoyed having you participate in my Kid-Safe house party – thank you for making the time to join me. I hope that you found it as enjoyable, educational and empowering as I did. I’m ready to make a few changes around the house to improve my family’s environmental health and to start spreading the word about Kid-Safe. It’s clearly the right answer to the toxic chemical problem we have in this country.

There are a variety of actions for us to take – something for everyone. I’m including a few links that will be useful for you to raise your voice in favor of Kid-Safe. And if you have any questions, the EWG staff is happy to connect with you. Lisa Frack helped me organize this party and you can reach her at: [email protected].

More Action Opportunities

  • Tell your friends that you signed The Petition for Kid-Safe Chemicals by sharing the link on your social networks: Sign the Petition to Protect Kids
  • Host your own house party. It’s a fun and effective way to spread the word. It’s all here: House Party
  • Blog about Kid-Safe or share it with bloggers you know and encourage them to post about it. All the info they’ll need is on EWG’s Kid-Safe web page:
  • Meet with your representatives in Congress. Grab some friends and head to their local office – staff regularly meet with constituents. Identify a Senator or Representative and deliver one of EWG’s Kid-Safe packets. You can refer to EWG’s talking points.
  • Take action when EWG asks. E-mails, letters and calls to members of Congress really matter. With them, we can pass this law.

Environmental Health Tips

Thanks again for joining me for such an important conversation.