Disclaimer: Drink plenty of water, but avoid bottled water when you can. It pollutes the environment and is often nothing more than tap water. When you must, choose brands with high scores (clear labeling) and advanced treatment.

Nestle Pure Life Purified WaterB
Ozarka Drinking WaterB
Penta Ultra-Purified WaterB
Sam's Choice Purified Drinking Water with Flavor Enhancing MineralsB
Dasani Purified WaterC
Glaceau Smart WaterC
Hinckley Springs Spring WaterC
Walgreens Drinking WaterC
Aquarius Spring! Natural Spring Water C
Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water C
Fiji Natural Artesian Water C
Ozarka Aquapod Natural Spring Water C
Ozarka Natural Spring Water C
Refreshe Spring Water C
Spring! Natural Spring Water C
Evian Natural Spring Water C
Nursery Purified Water C
365 Everyday Value Distilled WaterD
Absopure Steam Distilled Drinking WaterD
Albertsons Distilled WaterD
Aquafina Purified Drinking WaterD
Bonneau's Distilled Drinking WaterD
Camelot Purified WaterD
Culligan Purified Drinking WaterD
Essentia Purified Drinking WaterD
Food Club Drinking WaterD
Fresh & Easy Pure Drinking WaterD
Function Water Vapor Distilled WaterD
Great Value Drinking Water (I)D
Hawaii Water Ultra-Pure Bottled WaterD
Hinckley Springs Purified WaterD
Hy-Top Distilled WaterD
Kirkland Signature Premium Drinking WaterD
Le Bleu Premium Ultra Pure WaterD
Le Bleu Ultra Pure Drinking WaterD
Market Pantry Purified WaterD
Niagara Drinking WaterD
Niagara Purified Drinking WaterD
Pocono Springs Distilled WaterD
R Everyday Purified WaterD
Refreshe Purified Drinking WaterD
Sparkletts Crystal-Fresh Purified WaterD
Sparkletts Distilled WaterD
Stater Bros. Pure Water Purified Drinking WaterD
Station Casinos Purified Drinking WaterD
Sunny Select Premium Drinking WaterD
Trader Joe's Electrolyte Enhanced WaterD
Wissahickon Steam Distilled WaterD
365 Everyday Value Spring Water D
Acme Natural Spring Water D
Albertsons Drinking Water D
Break Escapes Natural Spring Water (I) D
Clover Valley Natural Spring Water D
Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water D
Deer Park Natural Spring Water D
Eden Springs Artesian Water D
Giant Acadia Filtered Drinking Water D
Glacier Mist Natural Spring Water D
Great Value Drinking Water (II) D
Great Value Spring Water D
H2Om Natural Spring Water D
Holiday Pantry Natural Spring Water D
Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water D
Iceland Spring Natural Icelandic Spring Water D
Mountain Valley Spring Water D
Northwest! Mountain Spring Water D
Poland Spring Natural Spring Water D
Publix Spring Water D
Pure American Spring Water D
Springtime Artesian Water D
Vasa Natural Spring Water D
Walgreens Spring Water D
Winn Dixie Natural Spring Water D
Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water D
Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water D
Beech Nut Spring Water with Added Fluoride D
Contrex Natural Mineral Water D
Crystal Springs Natural Spring Water D
Kentwood Springs Artesian Water D
365 Everyday Value Electrolyte Enhanced WaterF
American Fare Purified WaterF
Artesian Blue Distilled WaterF
Athena Purified WaterF
Best Choice Purified Drinking WaterF
Crystal Ridge Purified Drinking WaterF
CVS Gold Emblem Purified Drinking WaterF
Deja Blue Purified Drinking WaterF
Food Lion Purified Drinking WaterF
Frys Purified Drinking WaterF
Glenwood Inglewood Spring WaterF
Hawaiian Isles Purified WaterF
Hill Country Fare Mineralized Drinking WaterF
Kirkland Signature Mountain Spring WaterF
Kroger Distilled WaterF
Kroger Purified Drinking WaterF
Meijer Purified WaterF
Mountain Dairy Purified Drinking WaterF
Ralphs Purified Drinking WaterF
Roundys Purified WaterF
Sequana Purified Drinking WaterF
Simply H2O by Berkley & Jensen Purified WaterF
Sunnyside Farms Purified WaterF
Walnut Grove Market Purified Drinking WaterF
Winn Dixie Purified WaterF
Wynn Purified Drinking WaterF
Break Escapes Natural Spring Water (II) F
Classic Selection Spring water F
Clear Mist Purified Drinking Water F
Crystal Lake Premium Spring Water F
Enon Springs Natural Spring Water F
Giant Acadia Natural Spring Water F
Montana's Treasure Pure Artesian Drinking Water F
Mountain Dairy Spring Water F
Naturally Preferred Pure Mountain Spring Water F
Publix Purified Water F
Shop&Stop Acadia Natural Spring Water F
The Salad Bowl Pure Drinking Water F
Whole Foods Market Italian Still Mineral Water F
Absopure Natural Spring Water F
Albertsons Natural Spring Water F
Albertsons Purified Drinking Water F
America's Choice Natural Spring Water F
American Falls Purified Drinking Water F
Aquadeco Premium Spring Water F
Aquamantra Natural Spring Water (I Am Lucky) F
Archer Farms Natural Spring Water F
Artesian Blue Pure and Natural Water F
Blue Mountain Spring Water F
Busch's Natural Spring Water F
Calistoga Premium Water F
Chemung Spring Water Co. Bottled Water F
Chippewa Spring Water F
Commerce Casino Complimentary Purified Drinking Water F
Crystal Cascade Pure Drinking Water F
CVS Gold Emblem Natural Spring Water F
Earth Fare Pure Mountain Spring Water F
Earth2O 100% Natural Spring Water F
Ethos Water Natural Spring Water F
Evamor Alkaline Artesian Water Beverage F
Food Club Natural Mountain Spring Water F
Fox Ledge Naturally Pure Spring Water F
Frontenac Crystal Springs Natural Spring Water F
Gaudianello Sparkling Natural Mineral Water F
Gelson's Natural Spring Water F
Gerolsteiner Natural Mineral Water F
Giant Eagle Purified Water F
Give (Hope/Life/Strength/Love) Natural Spring Water F
Hannaford Natural Spring Water F
Henniez Eau Mineral Naturelle F
Henry's Farmers Market Spring Water F
Hiland Natural Spring Water F
Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water F
Isbre Norwegian Spring Water F
Kirkland Signature Spring Water F
Klarbrunn Pure Drinking Water F
Macy's Spring Water F
Mayer Bros. Natural Spring Water F
Meijer Natural Spring Water F
Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers Spring Water F
Member's Mark Natural Spring Water F
New Zealand Eternal Artesian Water- Silica Rich F
Noah's California Spring Water F
Patriot's Choice Mountain Spring Water F
Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water F
Pocono Springs Pure Mountain Spring Water F
Roxane Mountain Spring Water F
S. Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water F
Shoprite Naturally Pure Spring Water F
South Fork Mountain Spring Water F
Southern Home Spring Water F
Spring Reflections Natural Spring Water F
Springfield Drinking Water F
Super Chill H2O Natural Spring Water F
Super Chill Spring Water F
Swiss Premium Spring Water F
Talawanda Spring Water F
Tim Hortons Natural Spring Water F
Trader Joe's Mountain Spring Water F
Trader Joe's Pure New Zealand Artesian Water F
Ty Nant Spring Water- Still F
Valley Springs 100% Natural Spring Water F
Volvic Natural Spring Water F
Voss Artesian Water F
Wawa Natural Spring Water F
Wegmans Spring Water F
Wild Oats Natural Spring Water F
Wilson Farms Natural Spring Water F
Winn Dixie Spring Water F