Published: April 2011

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About the brand: Hair-Liss

Hair-Liss sells the Intelligent Brush keratin hair treatments on their website that are available to US consumers. There are no public test results for formaldehyde content for these products.

Products by Hair-Liss

  Product Formaldehyde testing results Injuries: Number of consumers that filed reports with the federal government Product recalls
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Chocolatenot tested0
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Strawberrynot tested0
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Marine Algaenot tested0
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Lightnot tested0


Since 2009, health and consumer product agencies in 6 countries have announced recalls of hair straighteners with high amounts of formaldehyde.

Product Australia Canada Cyprus France Germany Ireland
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Chocolate - - - - - -
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Strawberry - - - - - -
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Marine Algae - - - - - -
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Light - - - - - -


The Intelligent Brush is a line of products used for hair straightening through a "texturization" technique, in which the active ingredients of the product act on the hair, promoting the straightening of the strands and leaving them naturally straight. In addition, these products also act on the keratin and protein of the hair, which protect the hair from damage and keep it shiny and healthy. [link]


A loophole in federal labeling law allows companies to sell "professional use" products without the ingredient label required on all other personal care products, so the use of formaldehyde can be hidden. Nearly all of the hair straightening products surveyed by EWG are marketed for professional use only. Despite these claims, EWG found that consumers can easily purchase "professional use" products through online retailers. Retailers identified for Hair-Liss products are listed below:

Product Retailers
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush ChocolateHair-Liss website (32 oz)
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush StrawberryHair-Liss website (32 oz)
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Marine AlgaeHair-Liss website (32 oz)
Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush LightHair-Liss website (32 oz)

Hair-Liss - Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Chocolate

"The Chocolate Intelligent Blow-dry Kit contains softening agents, humidifiers, antioxidants and vitamins that intensely nourish your hair. It is rich in fatty acids that form a natural protective barrier over the strands of your hair, providing it with a deep conditioning, softness, better texture and less volume. Other products have also been carefully studied and found to hydrate and treat your hair for the most optimal results: straight hair that is both natural and well taken care of. The Chocolate Intelligent Blow-dry Kit is composed by products that have been especially formulated for the treatment of your hair, such as keratin, cocoa, and other active ingredients. Keratin is responsible for the properties of fabrics and can be easily incorporated into the cuticle of your hair. The keratin assists in the restoration of regions of your hair that have been damaged due to break in the peptide chain, and restores SHINE, RESISTANCE, ELASTICITY, RESTORATION, and HYDRATION of the strands. Keratin is often lost when hair is treated with an aggressive straightening process, dyed, or through other external agents, such as the sun or pool chlorine. The Chocolate Intelligent Blow-dry Kit contains a high concentration of hydrolyzed keratin, which hydrates your hair and gives it shine. "
- from link

Retailers: 289 from Hair-Liss website (32 oz)

Hair-Liss - Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Strawberry

"The Strawberry Intelligent Blow-dry uses strawberry pulp as the main active ingredient. The treatment nurtures the hair deeply, giving it an intense shine, reducing frizz, and strengthening weak and broken hair. With no rebellious hair, the volume is reduced and the hair seems naturally straight. With the Intelligent Blow-dry Strawberry Kit, you will have to use a blow-dryer less frequently and for a shorter amount of time, and you will be able to see a reduction in volume and more manageable and frizz free hair. The touch up can be done on the whole length of the strand, and with each application the hair becomes straighter. Results are immediate on naturally straighter hair; on more curly hair, at least two applications will be needed, depending on your particular hair needs. The Intelligent Blow-dry Strawberry Kit is composed of products especially designed for the treatment of your hair, particularly keratin and strawberry extract. This powerful combination of STRAWBERRY, KERATIN and ACTIVE INGREDIENTS will provide your hair with superior treatment and progressive straightening effects. The strawberry extract works double time to provide your strands with the maximum amount of softness possible. This is the end to that uncomfortable electricity that causes your hair to stand on end! It will be impossible for anyone to resist the fantastic sweet aroma that your hair will exhale. The Intelligent Blow-dry Strawberry Kit contains a high concentration of hydrolyzed keratin, and the process also hydrates and leaves your hair its shiniest. "
- from link

Retailers: 289 from Hair-Liss website (32 oz)

Hair-Liss - Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Marine Algae

"The Intelligent Blow-dry Marine Algae Kit leaves your hair incredibly straight, silky and full of shine. What a difference! Instead of unruly curls, you will have straight, beautiful hair. What woman wouldn't like to wake up, look in the mirror & see perfectly straight hair? The Intelligent Blow-dry Marine Algae Kit is compatible with any type of chemical. Algae protein is rich in salt minerals, which when sealed in the hair along with silicone polymerase softens the capillary fiber and leaves the hair much shinier and full of vigor. You will be able to achieve a reduction in volume of your hair, obtaining a 100% natural effect and in the caseof hair that has been chemically treated,immediate results. This treatment replenishes your hair with all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and manageable. Don't continue jeopardizing your hair's health. The marine algae straightening system does not contain any substances that can cause harm to your health or the health of your hair. "
- from link

Retailers: 289 from Hair-Liss website (32 oz)

Hair-Liss - Hair-Liss Intelligent Brush Light

"Intelligent Blow-dry Light Kit - Hair-Liss has designed a line of Intelligent Blow-dry products for the health and beauty of feminine hair, with varied products made with natural ingredients. This is a complete line for the treatment, hydration, and straightening of curly and wavy hair. This is different from the Progressive Straightening systems. The Intelligent blow-dry is a process for hair straightening, as the French Blow-dry, Japanese Straightening systems, and permanent straightening. These are all different methods used for hair straightening, but the Intelligent Blow-dry system has more benefits than the rest. With the Intelligent Blow-dry, you can wash your hair in one hour, as opposed to the three days other products require. This system is indicated for curly or wavy hair that has been dyed or highlighted, and is dry and lifeless and in need of a an intense professional hydrating treatment that will provide maximum recuperation to the capillary fibers. This formula delivers the necessary hydration and conditioning your hair needs to become healthy and protected, in addition to naturally straighter. The Intelligent Blow-dry Light Kit is made of naturally acting ingredients herbs, and fruits from the Amazon, which naturally straighten the hair and leaves it straight, soft, and with extreme shine. It is compatible with any type of chemical. The Intelligent Blow-dry Light Kit contains a large amount of hydrolyzed keratin, and the process nourishes the hair and leaves it shiny."
- from link

Retailers: 289 from Hair-Liss website (32 oz)

Legal Disclaimer:

The conclusions and findings that appear on this page reflect EWG's research at the time of publication stated above. In light of evolving market conditions, subsequent product reformulations, and other factors, they may no longer be current. EWG makes no representations or warranties about any of the products that appear on this page. EWG hereby disclaims all warranties with regard to any of the products that appear on this page, including express, statutory, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.


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