Help EWG Turn the Farm Bill into a Healthy Food Bill 

We're gearing up for a major battle over healthy food and need your help.

Every five years Congress writes a new farm bill, the critical legislation that guides and funds federal food policy.

Right now, large agribusinesses and producers of industrial crops like corn and soy receive billions under the farm bill, while organic farmers and fruit and vegetable growers receive pennies – and schools struggle to feed our kids healthy food.

Tax dollars line the pockets of wealthy landowners and needlessly subsidize unhealthy, over-processed foods while encouraging environmentally destructive farming practices. These misplaced priorities make it more difficult for families to eat healthily. Government policies also discourage a more diverse and resilient sustainable farming system.

We need the voices of people like you to stand up against the wealthy agricultural lobby's monopoly on our food and demand a shift in budget priorities. If we want to loosen Big Ag's grip and direct more money to healthy school meals, organic and local farmers and programs that protect water and soil – we need to start now.

EWG will arm you with the information you need to become a citizen expert on healthy food policy in the coming battle, which comes to a head in 2012. In return, we ask you to pledge that you will stand alongside your neighbors and us in the struggle for a healthier farm bill.

Sign our pledge today to fight for healthy food!

I want to make sure that my money – and the money of my fellow taxpayers – goes to healthy food and sustainable farming practices.

Keep up to date on farm bill developments. Follow EWG's experts on Twitter, read our ongoing analysis on AgMag and see which big farms are getting your tax dollars on our Farm Subsidy Database.

Watch Ken Cook's TEDx Talk

EWG President Ken Cook's TEDx talk, "Turning the Farm Bill into a Food Bill," was presented Saturday Feb 12.

Click here to watch.

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EWG Action Fund is working hard to fight for healthy food. But reforming the farm bill into a healthy food bill is going to be a long and expensive battle. Please donate today.

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