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Alton Brown, Food Network Celeb, asks What's For Lunch

Friday, May 28, 2010

You may know him as Food Network's top culinary scientist or the commentator on the hit show Iron Chef, but Alton Brown is first and foremost a dad. That means he's concerned about his daughter's health - and given his day job, particularly what she's eating.

Brown recently spoke at a panel hosted by the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, an organization in Georgia working hard to get healthier food to more kids.

In this clip, he gives a TV star-worthy talk on visiting his daughter's school, where he spoke with kids about what they like to eat, what they should eat, and what's for lunch.

To hear what he has to say about his field trip, click the image below and choose the "Penny introduces Alton Brown" segment.


Alton Brown talk still.png


(EWG shout-out to John Bare, Blank Family Foundation VP, for bringing this cool talk to the attention of our prez, Ken Cook.)

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