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Needed: Your vote for EWG to win $15,000!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Social media is empowering the people. Right?

Even if you're not convinced of that just yet, one thing is for sure: without your votes (yes, that's with an "s"), EWG won't win a $15,000 grant from the impressive Free Range Studios (they produced Annie Leonard's wildly successful 'The Story of Stuff').

See, we submitted a $15,000 grant proposal to Free Range Studios. Pretty standard non-profit stuff to submit a grant proposal, right? But. Rather than decide among themselves which proposal deserves funding, Free Range Studios is asking YOU to pick. Which is why they're calling the competition YOUTOPIA. Our project to protect babies from toxic chemicals As Enviroblog readers know, EWG has been working long and hard to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) by replacing it with the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act. We propose to use the $15,000 to develop a powerful social media campaign to empower the people (that's you...) to make that happen. Grassroots voices have and will continue to play a key role in long-overdue national chemical policy reform. A vision of YOUtopia, indeed.

VOTE NOW! Vote for EWG 3 Times! We hope you'll take 5 minutes to vote 3 times for our project.

Thank you. Without your help we can't make this happen. Literally. Looks like social media really is empowering the people.

[Thanks to Flickr CC & deltaMike for the $ pic.]

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