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EWG's Tips for Parents: The Series

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're excited to tell you about our new Healthy Home Tips for Parents email series!

EWG's scientists and public health researchers created a list of the most important steps you can take at home to promote your family's environmental health.

We squished it all onto 1 page so it's easy to use, but for each tip there's additional information that we think you'll appreciate knowing - the why's and how's that support our recommendations.

Tips for Parents in your inbox Every month we'll send you a tip from our priority list, along with our reasoning and suggestions for carrying it out. We'll start in June with choosing better personal care products.

If you're ready to get started right away on the path to a healthier home, download the 1-page tip sheet now on our For Parents web page. And while you're there, check out some other resources for parents, like our video on choosing the best infant formula and our safe fish list.

Learn now: EWG's Anila Jacob talks about toxics in the home on TV If you just can't wait till June to hear more, take a few minutes now to listen to EWG Senior Scientist, Dr. Anila Jacob, talk about health risks from common toxics in the home - and what you can do to minimize them. It's an educational few minutes.

Not on our email list? Hop on so you don't miss out You can quick sign up for our email list here. Be sure to choose the Greening the Planet for Kids' Health group so you'll get the Healthy Home Tips for Parents series.

Talk to you soon.


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