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The Kid-Safe Chemicals Act: In the blogosphere

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So you've probably noticed that we love to talk about the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act, perhaps to a fault. Because we want to see it happen real bad.

The good news is that we're so not alone. Loads of people are talking about Kid-Safe - especially in the blogosphere. So rather than read (again) what EWG staff have to say about Kid-Safe (pass it, baby!), check out what the blogosphere has to say:

ACTIVISTAS signed The Declaration and encouraged others to do so, too. Because, as she said:

EWG wants 500,000 Americans to sign The Declaration so they can show Congress how very many people are ready for a real national chemicals policy. Go ahead, add your name. It's easy and it just might work. It's sure worth a try, anyway.

BABYMINDING says the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act means safer products. She writes:

Currently there are over 80,000 chemicals used in various consumer products including children's toys and personal care, most of which are not tested for safety. In fact, only around 200 are actually proven safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

If the bill passes, any chemicals or ingredients used in children's products will have to be proven safe and approved by the EPA before the products can go to market.

BIG GREEN PURSE quotes EWG V-P for Research, Jane Houlihan: "Canada's findings "underscore the need for real reforms within the EPA's failed programs to regulate toxins in the U.S.," said Environmental Working Group VP for Research Jane Houlihan. "Congress and President Obama need to overhaul broken toxics laws, and establish a policy that forces the chemical companies to first prove their products are safe before being used." She goes on to say:

Clearly, a new mindset is needed focusing on preventing hazards like this from occurring. EPA needs to expedite its process on regulating proven toxic chemicals like D4 and D5 siloxanes. Just as importantly, the Obama Administration needs to adopt a "prevention agenda" to protect human health and the environment from toxic hazards - not just clean up after them.

BOSTON MAMAS attended a '10 Americans' presentation a few months and wrote a thorough post about it with a long list of actions to take, Stand Tall & Green. In it, she confessed to being a little overwhelmed by the sheer magnitud eof the problem, but she ends on an up note:

My personal turning point in this discussion was when Dr. Greene - no doubt looking out across a sea of terrified parents, many cradling babies - said, "The good news is that environmental triggers mean there are environmental solutions."

ECO CHILD'S PLAY reports about the General Accounting Office's 2009 call for chemical policy reform.

FAKE PLASTIC FISH wrote about Kid-Safe after listening to our open conference call on it back in February. She says:

A law like this will help to reduce the harm we are seeing from many plastics, including BPA and phthalates, as well as those in fragrances, dyes, and preservatives that manufacturers are not even required to list on labels at this point. If the chemicals are found to be unsafe and removed from the market, there will be nothing to reveal on labels in the first place.

GREEN & CLEAN MOM is ready for change. To wit:

The idea is that we as consumers as moms and parents do not know who to trust or what is safe. We can't just be more careful because we don't all have chemistry degrees to read a label. I support the Kid Safe Chemical Act and I hope you do, too.

THE GREEN PARENT wants products for kids proven safe before they hit the market (hear, hear!). She writes in Get the Chemicals Out:

I would like to know that they are willing to ensure that all chemicals in kids products are proven safe BEFORE they're used to create baby bath and lotion. How is it possible that this is not already the case?

GREEN TALK penned Stop Making our Kids Sick; Make Chemicals Safe. She wrote a letter to President Obama that included this call for reform:

We need to stop the exposure of toxic chemicals by updating the 1976 Toxic Substance Chemical Act (TSCA). A law that grandfathered 62,000 chemicals presumed to be safe. It has been more than thirty years since it was signed into law, and we are still living in the seventies. It is a re-run not worth watching.

In this country, chemicals and the justice system have a lot in common. You are innocent until proven guilty. I can understand this approach with regard to the justice system, but please explain to me why manufacturing companies are not required to provide health and safety studies prior to chemicals coming onto the market? 20,000 new chemicals have come onto the market since TSCA was enacted.

HEALTHY CHILD HEALTHY WORLD even organized an open conference call on Kid-Safe. If you missed the February call, never fear, we taped it and you can listen to the podcast.

HUFFINGTON POST author Deidre Imus (founder of the Deidre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology) writes about Keeping our Kids Safe:

If you are like most Americans, you have an expectation that our federal regulatory agencies will protect us from unsafe chemicals found in the products we use everyday. We expect our children's toys, baby bottles and drinking water to be safe.

Congressional action is long overdue and urgently needed. Our country can no longer afford regulatory failures like The Toxic Substances Control Act.

MORE GREEN MOMS wrote I believe... it is time to rally around the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act for a recent Green Moms Carnival. She says:

We are clearly entering an era of governmental reform and it is essential that we elevate the visibility of this important Bill designed to protect our children. We can work tirelessly to educate our communities about the toxic overload we believe our families suffer every day.

But our growing base of knowledge has little impact if we continue living under the extraordinarily lax standards established by the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976.

NATURE DEVA is adamantly in favor. She writes:

It's just wrong that there is not any real regulation of the chemical industry and how those unsafe chemicals make their way into our bodies. What do you think those chemicals do to our children - and how about our babies in utero? They come into the world pre-polluted!

At least we have a fighting chance now that the new administration is in place and making changes to help the people. This would be one huge step towards improving everyone's health - especially our children.

NON-TOXIC KIDS writes The Kid-Safe Chemicals Act - Sign The Declaration. She says, "Oh yeah, am I ready and itching to support the Kid-Safe Chemical Act. If you want to see a compelling reason to do so, watch this."

SAFE MAMA says the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act needs more support (we agree!). She writes:

The Kids Safe Chemical Act is where we need to focus our energy and get behind it 100%. This Act will overhaul our nation's chemical regulatory law requiring industrial chemicals to be safe for babies and kids, make safety testing a requirement prior to hitting the market and will require testing of the already 62,000 chemicals in our products be re-evaluated for safety. Just to name a few. We're talking to YOU PHTHALATES!

THE SOFT LANDING tells readers that she signed The Declaration against pre-polluted babies, and suggest that *you* get a Kid-Safe blog badge.

AND MANY MORE! And there's plenty more @ O EcoTextiles, Lundeby's EcoBaby, and surely there are others! Did we miss yours? Forgive us and please add it in the comments section - it's be great to have them all in one e-place. You know?


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