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New Zealand's green farmer awards

Friday, November 3, 2006

In a step toward creating a peaceful union between farming and conservation, the Ballance Farm Environment Awards of New Zealand announced their acceptance of nominations for farmers who have done the most toward sustainable farming this year. While international trade agreements are halting over economically antiquated (and environmentally unhealthy) subsidy issues, the Kiwis have decided to celebrate their progressive farming standards by holding awards for the most enviro-friendly farmers.

Okay, maybe the rewards aren' great. While prizes are promised, there is no explanation of what they will consist of. And somehow I doubt that the recognition and learning benefits that are advertised are a great substitute for industrial or monetary benefits that many farmers need just to keep the farm running. But what has expanded to eight different regions of New Zealand over the short course of 4 years is clearly a popular pastime for these enviro-loving farmers. Kudos, green Kiwis.

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