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Howard Buffett Among Farm Subsidy Recipients

Howard Buffett Among Farm Subsidy Recipients

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A 60 Minutes profile of Howard Buffett, who will succeed his father, Warren, as a non-executive chairman of a multibillion dollar holding company, reports that he has received $300,000 in farm subsidies over 13 years.

Environmental Working Group has the payment breakdown in its widely referenced farm subsidy database.

EWG is set to release its 2012 edition on Thursday, which will show whether Buffet received more aid in 2011 and which members of Congress have benefitted from federal farm programs over the last 16 years.

Last year, EWG released an analysis that found 23 lawmakers, or their family members, signed up for taxpayer-funded farm subsidies between 1995-2009.

Table Scraps:

Dan Friedman of National Journal examines (subscription required) how passage of the Senate farm bill will bode for Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., who faces a tough reelection bid.

US News and World Report published excerpts from a discussion with author and Wellesley College professor Robert Paarlberg on the winners and losers of the Senate farm bill.

The Daily Beast reports “Mitt Romney Visits Subsidized Farms, Knocks Big Government Spending”

The Maryland Daily Times editorializes on the Senate farm bill saying “there's a lot of hope and prayers wrapped up in the savings forecasts.”

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@OrganicMeadow Why are Twinkies Cheaper than Carrots? An interesting article about the American food system and the U.S. Farm Bill:

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