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What Would a "Healthy Food" Bill Look Like?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook and senior food and agriculture analyst Kari Hamerschlag penned an op-ed in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle:

If you believe the government ought to play an aggressive role in the nation's economic life, admit it: You're a liberal. But you're probably not as liberal as the average Republican member of the House Agriculture Committee.

Thanks to their generosity with your tax dollars, the government has shelled out a quarter of a trillion dollars since 1995 in federal farm subsidies to grain and cotton farmers and landowners. (Go to farm.ewg.org for a list of every recipient and the amount each received.)

Right now, the farm subsidy lobby and its friends on Capitol Hill are on track to write a costly, ill-conceived new chapter to this unhappy history of bankrolling industrial commodity crops. But it doesn't have to be that way. Instead, we can invest in healthier eating and a cleaner environment. In the bargain, we can help keep 20 million kids from going hungry, give a huge boost to California agriculture, save taxpayers money and support family farmers.

What would a "healthy food" bill look like?

Read here what a healthy food bill would look like.


Table Scraps

-       The Washington Post editorial board weighed in on the Senate farm bill over the weekend, saying: “federal crop insurance overprotects, to put it mildly.”

-       The Land Stewardship Project had tough words about the Senate farm bill’s anemic conservation title.

-       The Tampa Bay, Fla. Fox TV affiliate looked at how badly broken federal farm and food policy has become.

-       Respected Cato Institute trade policy analyst Sallie James voiced concern about the glaring lack of transparency in government -subsidized crop insurance.

-       Web developer and farm bill advocate Marjorie Roswell has built an online farm bill primer.

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