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The Counterproductive Farm Bill

The Counterproductive Farm Bill

Friday, April 6, 2012

Food Fight author Dan Imhoff has come up with four ways the federal farm bill has contradicted itself over the years. The glaring conflicts, he says, include: subsidizing what the federal government doesn’t want people to eat, paying farmers to pollute, encouraging farmers to overplant and plow land, and farming corn for fuel.

Imhoff drives homes the message that this next farm bill presents a big opportunity for Congress to pass legislation that promotes healthier eating and keeps drinking water clean.

In a Washington Times op-ed piece earlier this week, Scott Faber of the Environmental Working Group called on lawmakers to give taxpayers a bill they want, not more of the same broken policies.

Table scraps:

Bloomberg’s Alan Bjerga reports on a Texas county whose farmers rely on the federal farm safety net, but say they are “less fond of the man who heads the government offering it.”  He notes the last time Gaines County voted for a Democratic presidential candidate was in 1976.

Washington Life explains in a full-page article that the 2012 farm bill can produce a better food system by helping farmers get healthier, local and regional food to families and schools.

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