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EWG Prez and Ag Pollution Editorials

EWG Prez and Ag Pollution Editorials

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Marin Independent Journal has published an in-depth interview with Environmental Working Group president Ken Cook about the upcoming farm  bill. An excerpt:

"Most people don't know that the (latest revision to the) Farm Bill is upon us. It seems so remote, and most people in general don't have anything to do with agriculture," Cook said. "But those of us who pay taxes ought not to leave decisions about subsidies to those who are subsidized."


Last week EWG released a new investigation that found that U.S. government payments totaling $7.1 billion went to 20 U.S. and foreign companies that sold American farmers crop insurance between 2007 and 2011.  The foreign companies were headquartered in Bermuda, Japan, Switzerland, Australia and Canada.

The crop insurance industry made no attempt to deny that taxpayer dollars were flowing to foreign companies.


Table Scraps:

-  Writing in the Daily Beast, Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser reflects on America’s industrial food system ten years after the seminal book’s publication.

- The National Sustainable Agriculture Association released its 2012 farm bill platform today (pdf).

- The Des Moines Register editorial board wrote Sunday that “The main culprit behind Iowa’s filthy waterways can be summed up in two words: soil erosion.” EWG released a groundbreaking report on Iowa soil erosion last year called Losing Ground.

- The Sacramento Bee editorialized over the weekend for more state action on nitrate pollution in groundwater. It said: “Many farmers and fertilizer businesses in the region have long attempted to deflect blame. They can't do so any longer.”

- A study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology and reported on by the Hybrid Cars blog show that corn ethanol blends of 85 percent hurts the environment up to a third worse than conventional gasoline.

Tweet of the day:

@ChrisClaytonDTN Dang, I got scooped again. "GMOs linked to ET activity on Earth."

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