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Farm Bureau, the Most Ideologically Contorted Organization in America

Farm Bureau, the Most Ideologically Contorted Organization in America

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The American Farm Bureau convention irresponsibly passed a resolution opposing climate change legislation on January 12th. Laughably, at the same time they threw down the gauntlet on climate legislation, the Farm Bureau also created a Budget Deficit Reduction Task Force. Their stand:

There are just three ways to reduce the federal deficit and eliminate the national debt -- reduce spending, collect more taxes or do both.

Never mind that Farm Bureau members are steadfast in protecting the lavish spending for programs that use tax dollars to ensure profitability for their members while calling for "meaningful relief from the estate tax" and opposing "the imposition of any health-related taxes on foods or beverages."

So the Farm Bureau says that increasing taxes and reducing spending are keys to lowering the deficit, but they lack the intestinal fortitude to do either if it might have a negative impact on the ag sector. Further, they are adamant in their opposition to climate legislation and deny that climate change is even occurring -- even as they issue a full-throated call for lucrative agriculture offsets in the climate bill.

Is there a more ideologically contorted organization than the American Farm Bureau?

Since scientists project that yields of many crops will drop as the climate warms, Farm Bureau members may well regret their stance in the future.  Of course, accurate foresight and hindsight aren't the Farm Bureau's strong suit. Years ago, it took a stand against construction of the very same interstate highway system that now enables  farm products to reach far flung markets, with nary a peep of contrition.


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